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The sweetest night of my life thus far. Enjoy!


Just signed our lease for our apartment! Holy moly! So excited!!!!!!! AND I bought our dining table! Crazy! I will be moving into our apartment in 43 days and get married in 59 days! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


If you find a girl that is willing to go through hell just to keep the relationship going, you really shouldn’t take her love for granted.

Going through hell for someone and in return being taken for granted was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Never. Again.


Is there a person in your life that can always make you smile?
James makes me smile most of the time! :)

Is there someone who meant a lot to you at one point, and isn’t around now? 
Of course, that’s the way life works, right?

Are you a jealous person?
Not really.

Would you cry if you found out you were pregnant? 
Oh yeah, but it would be because I would have a bunch of mixed emotions.

When is the next time you’re traveling out of state?
Hopefully December!

Can you write your name in a foreign language? 

When you’re getting ready for something, do you listen to music? 

Do you leave the curtains/blinds closed or open while you sleep? 
Closed for sure!

What is your favorite day of the week?
Saturday, because that’s usually when I see James!

Do you generally do the same thing every day of the week?
Generally during the week, it consists of work, weekends consists of lots of lovin.

What is something you did yesterday and wish you could’ve done today?
See James!

If you woke up tomorrow and knew/spoke a different language, which language would you want it to be?
Sign Language! Actually, no I take that back, because I already know sign language. I would want to know Spanish because I sucked at Spanish when I took it in high school.

What did you last order online?
A top off ASOS

Do you have any specific hobbies?
Crocheting- I know, I know, I am an old woman. But I think it’s fun and a mindless hobby for me when I need to clear my thoughts! Plus, who doesn’t love a cute headband?!

What’s a song you recently discovered that you want to tell everyone about?
Hmmmm… Probably Us The Duo- No Matter Where You Are

Favorite fall or winter accessory?
Infinity Scarf

Do you like to swim? 

How many books are in your room? 
hahaha probably two or three, but they’re makeup/hair books.

What did you last eat? 
kettle corn

Name one of your goals for this year. 
That I can keep up with work and all the household duties I need to do as well as being upgraded to a wifey!

What does your 9th message on your phone say? 
"Yeah? Well I miss you too!" from James

Look to your left. What’s there? 
An empty side of the bed :(

How long does it take you to fall asleep? 
Usually like 15 minutes

Are you scared about the end of the world?
Not really. That’s something I have eventually come to have peace about. It used to freak me out, but now, I can totally trust that whatever happens, I know where I am going and God is sovereign enough to protect me and have the perfect timing. However I am called home, I know I will be called home to Him.

Is there a TV in the room you are in? 

What are you looking forward to? 
GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What comes to your mind when I say red? 

What other language do you want to be fluent in? 
Sign Language

Do you crack your neck often? 
Nooooo! That scares me.

Worst feeling in the world? 
Losing someone.

Name something you think is pointless? 
I have noooo idea?

Favorite fast food restaurant? 
Gosh I don’t know? I can’t really have fast food because I am allergic to gluten. But probably Carls Jr. sweet potato fries!

Have you ever been in a fist fight? 
Nope, but a girl in elementary school punched me in the stomach because I wanted to play with a girl we were both friends with. But I just walked away.

Did you have a weird dream last night? 
Not really a weird dream, but a girl I went to Cosmetology school with was in it, which was weird, because we haven’t talked in about a year and a half.


We found and secured an apartment yesterday! HOOOOOLY MOLY! I cannot wait!!!!!!! And now I have suddenly become obsessed with decorating! Walking through Pier 1 is a lot more fun when you have your new home to think about! :D

But I cannot explain what a great feeling it was to go look at the apartment together, get the information on it, walk out to the car, talk about it together, talk finances, and then make that decision together! So stinkin excited to start this next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, James and I decided about a month ago, that we want to get married at the courthouse before our actual “wedding.” We’ve been super excited about it and most everyone has been super supportive except for my oldest sister. I also had been DREADING telling my mom because I thought she would flip, so I have put it off for a long time. Well, last night I finally had that talk with her and my dad. (I swear this story has a point) She reacted surprisingly well, was amazingly supportive, loving, and understanding. She wasn’t shocked, didn’t try to change my mind, etc. My sister is one of those people (I love her to death) that thinks the way she does life is the only right way. She did not really support the fact that I left college to go to cosmetology school and was extremely disappointed when I told her we are going to the courthouse to get married. Anyway.. all of this to say: I was reflecting this morning on my conversation with my parents last night and how I was shocked by the way my mom responded. With my time on MilsoVlog, we got a lot of questions as far as how to tell your loved ones you want to get married at the courthouse regardless of doing a “wedding” or big celebration of some sort after. I just wanted to pass what I learned through my experience the past few days to all you that are in the same boat:

1. If you are nervous about talking to your parents, I guarantee you that if you have all your reasons lined up for wanting to get married this way, and bring them up in such a way that shows you have thought long and hard about it, they’ll see maturity in you. They will be more likely to respond well to logical reasons for wanting to get married than just emotional reasons.

2. If you have someone you care about that you feel like you can never please no matter what you do, you need to understand that it is you and your SO’s life that you are about to start. If you are worrying about pleasing everyone else, you will never truly be happy. As much as it sucks to not have their support or them be excited for you, you need to do what is best for you and your SO and your future family. There is no manual to life. There is no “wrong way” to get married, whether it’s at the courthouse, a $4,000 wedding, or $40,000 wedding. As long as it’s what you and your SO want, that’s all that matters.

3. Don’t spend time defending your relationship or your decision to go to the courthouse to anyone who doesn’t truly matter. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself to anyone, period. But don’t waste your energy on people who’s opinion doesn’t matter.

4. If you are going to the courthouse, but you’re not pregnant, understand and learn to be okay with the fact that there will still be a good chance people will think you’re pregnant. If that’s a huge concern for you, don’t waste your time telling people you aren’t. They’ll figure it out as months go by, but you don’t have a growing tummy.

5. Lastly, whoever says because you’re going to a courthouse, you can’t have bridal showers/bachelorette parties, or even a wedding ceremony later on because it’s “weird” or “un-orthodox” is clearly mistaken. Do what you want. I know I still want bridal showers and a bachelorette party before the courthouse, so that’s what I’m going to do. And if you’re concerned about who will think it’s weird, or who will/will not come to your celebrations (showers, parties, and big wedding/reception) realize that those who care about you and your SO will be there to support you and celebrate no matter what order you choose to do things in.

Sorry this is so long, but this has been on my heart, and I want to encourage all of you to think about these things if you are in the same situation! :)